PlayStation VR! Gate to the vr porn world from SONY

Sony is also re-entered to the water of vr porn. As the last of the three major competitors released his headset PlayStation VR and while competitors had begun to innovate (eg drivers), Sony has their place in the market already. However, the situation has considerably simplified. HTC Vive also Oculus Rift are relatively expensive devices, in addition to which you also need a powerful PC assembly. PS VR is an inexpensive headset, you only for it four hundred. And you get by and with the console, which lies under your TV for three years.

Few numbers. PlayStation VR stands in our stores just € 399. This is the recommended price of the equipment. Somewhere it’s a little less, others a little more. The actual headset weighs 610 grams and is heavier than competitors HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It contains a 5.7-inch OLED display with a viewing angle of 100 ° and has a resolution of 960×1080 pixels for each eye. The frequency is already complicated, as Sony considers a minimum of 60 fps, but this is the CoR very few are pushing developers to 90 fps and 60 tries reprojects raised to 120 fps. Your position is 9 sensors on the headset and the PlayStation eye camera. A final number is 23. So many games should support PS VR in its launch. Among them are the exclusivity period of exclusivity, and behold multiplatform games that have VR support as bonus (Blood Ties mission for Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc.).

It’s a small thing, but really helps to build a good first impression. Box PS VR is relatively large, but it is one nice neat package. Flip-open it and get to the content that is logically arranged to have followed in the initial engagement by the manual. First, you get the cabling, then the processing unit and to the very end of the headset, which is located at the bottom. From cable package you will find special HDMI connection cable to a VR headset, USB cable, stereo earphones Ear adapter and a power cord. There is also a drive with 8 demo versions of bigger games such as Driveclub VR and the like, so that you can immediately test different VR experience.

Instalation and packaging

It is good that even if you are not more experienced, you can PS VR connect the first time without any problems in just a few minutes. The instructions are clear, simple installation and every thing is also marked with stickers of a number that indicates which step of the matter is connected. So if you have a PS VR parents are buying their children to the console, you need not worry that your connection can not handle. After already waiting for you just download the update and calibration headset. All this also takes only a few minutes, in addition to calibration transfer on-screen guide. If you can not, always be reset settings and go again.

Packaging PS VR four hundred is not all that the VR playing enough. As I wrote, you also need the Eye camera. If you have not already, you need to look around for it. There is an earlier version from 2013, but even elegant new version, which has the shape of a simple black bars. Some games are better to play with Move controllers, others call them directly with DUALSHOCK and will not be playing (SportsBar VR). In principle, you know well as get by him, but before buying the game rather always make sure that does not require the Move. And although the demos for some time entertainment, the weekend testing get tired and need a little more.

In addition to the headset is an important part of even a small, discreet box, which hides processing unit. The design is in the spirit of normal PS4, and therefore has two “floors”, separated by a band in which the LED to indicate the current status. Perhaps it might not always shine even when the device is turned off (lights red to indicate that the device is connected). Processing unit to a minimum of 2 HDMI cables (one of the TV, the other to the console) and two cables from the headset. It pleased by the fact that, thanks to the right of the scrollable easy access to ports, but could be in the next version to give snap into place in both positions. Thus you can often move accidentally.

Handling of PS VR

Despite the weight mentioned above is PS VR headset on your head comfortable. Although after a long period of the extra grams compared for example with HTC Vive feel, but it’s nothing terrible. Even you can say that the majority of users with him on the head will not have a problem. If you have a larger nose and cheekbones, will you push headset anywhere. The mounting is mainly held back and you are around the head and face. Back him know gently tightened wheel, front turn its front move through “the rail” that you just put it on the face, he jostled you, but at the same time or not permeate light. And mainly the setting also determines their sharpness. If your headset does not fit well, you do not see sharply. It takes a while until you you find the ideal location, but after a few hours of play you will be able to immediately deploy all handily headset to suit your needs.

A little angry cables, and while playing in the sitting and standing. PS while VR does not play a strong focus on movement in the environment, so as to threaten that you are entangled in cables, but here and there you somewhere detect if you are pulling. The same is true for headphones, if you use a cable. The cable from the headset is not easy to control which headset is turned on, control the volume and sound attenuation. Also you connect headphones via 3.5mm jack, it means that you are hanging around the neck of another cable. Especially when you’re playing games where you shoot more. And as always you can then center the image where it is currently looking after such an hour of play with headset on her head in the end you can look somewhere else entirely, as when you started.

The PSVR I have one complaint. And it covers more cameras. It is not just the ideal viewing angles and when you play you have to be away from her at least 0.6 meters and a maximum of 3 meters. It is enough set dimensions, but also when observing the sometimes angry motion sensing and ideal noticed that when playing as Tumble VR, which build towers out of blocks. If you already have a tower about 2 meters high and a driver to move lower or higher (although the tower in virtual reality move up or down) and here and there POSITION skipped. Also with headset on her head hard to test whether it is moving in camera shots, especially in dynamic scenes.

If this will be your first experience with PS VR will amaze you.  If you start watch vr porn, you will be honored. Technologically Although PS VR is not the most advanced, it is still but a quality finish virtual reality, which you can yourself in the game world and offers incredibly vivid gaming experience like universe simulator EVE: Valkyrie, in which for the first time you will spend the first minutes just by that you are in the cockpit Space fighter constantly turn around, look back all the indicators. And the same is true for other games such as Driveclub VR, where you can check the position of looking into the mirrors, if you had come to the right turn by themselves look through the window to where the summit.


Once you get used to the headset on your head, well you set up and tune in places where you push, you can be in some games to really immerse yourself properly for long. So far we have tried only disc with demos, VR Worlds and some other initial VR experiences, but they managed to show strength. The PS VR party submission, even potential. On the one hand also allows asynchronous play, when a player in the VR sees something different than on TV. But even if it is on both screens streams the same content, you still know a bunch of fun. A perfect example is the Headmaster game in which you must head the ball into the goal. On that unfortunate playing with head can laugh and he will again enjoy the game itself. Just be sure to properly connect the headphones to isolate sound.

PlayStation VR – Playing

It is a tax on the poor performance and a lower price, but you have to use content with a weaker visuals, which you will also return a generation or more back. Do not mind somewhere, in simpler titles, Such a London Heist looks still well and truly to enjoy robbery, chase and a garage-style crook. Well arises with EVE, such Driveclub VR is indeed visually rich, but not very detailed and looks more like Gran Turismo 4. That does not mean that you can not enjoy the game itself, but in comparison with the original, it can be a bit of a shock. And just personal preference even if other games.

You must also reckon with the fact that the games (and other content in VR) Island neighborhood, just in the middle of your field of vision. For example, the region image have often blurred, which may be trying to gain a real impression, but there are moments when it can spoil the experience, as the eyes of the headset flowing normally and it can happen that you watch over-focus edges, while there will not direct aj head . However, due to the game head you move quite often. Worse is the case with non-game experiences, such as movies, where poorer picture quality and blur already defeated.

Cinema VR porn mode PS VR

In addition to playing a direct experience in virtual reality because you can also play the so-called cinema mode, which felt just like at the cinema. In front of you is a space in it from some distance watching the screen. So you can watch your Blu-ray movies, but here again comes to the fore inferior image. But as an alternative, if someone occupies your TV, it may be fine. You can not but also play various games that the console not directly support the VR. Virtually all of them so you can play. Again but in poorer quality compared visually on TV.

And finally I bring me to the topic of virtual reality the most talked. He needs the lowest latency and the highest image quality, it does not cause nausea. Motion sickness is not uncommon and you have to be prepared that you may not be the best headset. We tested various games maybe seven or eight. With varying results. I already had on his head probably all currently available technologies in the field of VR and I had never an issue. Some testers these problems came in the dynamic games such Driveclub VR or VR Luge where you go on the sled down the hill between the cars. And it is understandable that these players play worse tolerated. Specifically, we have experienced three cases of mild dizziness after a few tens of minutes (if VR Luge it kept coming first). And there was also a case strong enough nausea.

If I give you some advice, please choose one as soon as more static and slow degrees, so you come to the VR and gradually find out if you are among those who have such an edge may lose badly. It is suitable for the vr porn Playroom, a series of more socially oriented minigames that try to get familiar with virtual reality and its possibilities and control. The title is available for free from the store, if you have a PS VR and although quickly get tired, performs its function well. I recommend to familiarize small and VR anime Invasion !, which is also free. Similar experiences have we recently written down in our article.


PlayStation VR porn Worlds – VR game experience

This collection of play deliberately pick out the article, as it is sold separately title that you in the store will cost some 33 euros. Socket offers games that also serve to familiarize with the VR, however, contain more depth and also in terms of gameplay will attract. Not long, but the VR presentation options are very good.

The London Heist – description robbery in London, we have already briefly pay. Especially graphically the game is very precious, even if the length is quite short. But it can be experienced in an action of FPS perspective, chase in cars and even harsh treatment in the garage. But the game is too much reliance on the fascination of virtual reality is so often too passive.

Ocean Descent – This is a purely passive title, but is rather focused relaxation. In the game you become a diver who explores the seabed and its secrets. Waiting for you the unknown submarine and the typical in the form of a shark attack. The game is not pleasant, but has the misfortune to us with HTC Vive introduced more advanced in terms.

Scavengers Odyssey – This game impressed me most. It offers an interesting story, action gameplay, exploring the environment and decent dynamics, and you in the shoes of extraterrestrial pilot sits in the unusual vehicle in which you must first escape from the destroyed spacecraft to explore the mystery of its origin. The game is not passive; on the contrary. That makes her the best.

VR Luge – Sane we have also mentioned. They offer riding just down the hill after a few lines, or the Time Trial. While playing really experiencing an adrenaline ride, but also some nausea. You control the game by tilting the head to the side. It attracts, but also quickly get tired.


Conclusion of review PS VR

An integral part of every porn experience is sound. As I wrote somewhere in the introduction, the cable from the processing unit to control the headset is to know which plug in headphones. The included earbuds are such a standard, so if you really want a proper experience, reaching for a better headset. Calmly and with surround sound, as PS VR can handle surround sound and is with him now really different experience, because it also puts a lot of games, depending on what is your position towards the sound source. In addition, if you have a headset, you can PS VR microphone to chat to redirect to the headphones.

As players, we live in a time when visual hyperbole often means more than the story itself, or gaming experience. Technology now progressed so far that some people difficult to forgive flaws or imperfections. PS VR as the least perfect of the current major players in the market these shortcomings does little but somewhat reminds me of Hitchcock in the 40s, when used flawed methods to deliver the unparalleled movie experience. If you take into account the technological parameters of virtual reality, it fails to deliver the best visual, but still provides an interesting experience.

And somehow it all so perfectly captures virtual reality from Sony. On the one hand concerns by really has something to offer, because they fail to reach technical perfection. On the other hand, as much as possible trying to reach the masses. Results can be inconsistent for someone, the other holds great promise for the future. For me personally, this is the first virtual reality with the potential for future mass. Yes, on my head and I had much better, but with a significantly higher price tag. I had on my head and cheaper and more massive, but only a momentary experience. And in this case you do not have to give a turn off, but you get something you get caught. Sony PlayStation and with VR balances on a very thin line, but we will not lie, based on her.

is it ok to buy PlayStation VR for vr porn?

To get acquainted with the VR and € 400 for you attractive price, go ahead. You dont need to use it only for VR porn but mostly for games. That why I wrote also about games. This kind of entertainment is for many hours with the promise that quality content will accrue in the future. Conversely, if you 400 still seems exaggerated or actual offers VR games and content for you interesting, you’d better invest the € 400 otherwise. At least add 300 € and buy Oculus RIft (better for VR porn). But until then you deprive the unprecedented gameplay experience that nothing just replace it. You you want to look for some alternative – just CLICK HERE.