It’s time to bring someone new to the fold and Paris Devine is just the girl in 180 POV! Imagine lean girl with small, but perky breasts, amazing, perfectly shaped ass and long, long, really long hair that are perfect to hold while fucking her doggy style. Oh did we not mention it? This girl loves doggy style and since we already have made preparation to see her hardcore casting, you can be sure she’ll get it just the way she likes it in our next Czech VR casting experience!

Check out more of our work done by: Sigrid, Hrömerstein, Lidow and Osterman. Check out our Czech VR casting experience here! R.C.E is a member of the Czech VR Casting team. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more special casting news and details! Incoming VR Casting: Incoming VR Casting: This time on this team is coming soon. Stay tuned, this team takes a little time until we finish casting in Poland. With all our casting commitments, we think that the schedule will be a nice one and we look forward to playing with the other teams as they come. Come here and grab your spot in PragueVR with a few months of awesome experience to prove everything you have been missing in the VR community!

Come early tomorrow morning to witness one of the greatest VR casting dates in the world of PragueVR.