It’s Valentine’s Day. Usually, once Saint Valentine’s Day rolls around, you shut yourself in and avoid the planet. You didn’t have any plans this year, however you’ve got been electronic messaging a woman referred to as Lena of late. You sent a flurry of dick pics and didn’t get something back, that is why you’re thus stunned to awaken with Lenaon prime of you.

Now, this is often quite stunning, jarring, even. You’ve ne’er even met the womanhowever she caterpillar-tracked you down, poor into your house, and embellished your space whereas you were asleep can forever be a mystery, however what are you alleged to do? flip her away? Lena has natural triple D titties, a deep throat, and a decent pussy, thus say a fast many thanks to St. Valentine and let this lovely sonsie kid suck and fuck you till you’re able to body fluid everywhere her vast titties.