Things in disease have simmered down since your last visit. You’ve got the law off your back, most of the locals currently such as you, and you even get discounts at the native market. these days you made the choice to require Abigail for a fast drink at the saloon before going for a row on Flat Iron Lake. As luck would have it, one amongstthem Pinkerton boys has shown up, and he doesn’t abundant look after your presence. smart factor it’s the recent west, and you’ll let your pistol do the talking.

Once you’ve wired that Pinkerton filled with lead, Abigail decides it’d be best to goose egg the boat date and rent an area to put low. Seeing you defend her honor like that possesses her wet as may beand she or he needs you to travel a pirootin’ around in her pussy. though you’re not wild regarding her whoreish history, the talents she picked up are certainhelpful currently. Abigail is aware of a factor or 2 regarding sloppy blowjobs and boot-knockin, therefore grab your VR telephone receiver and brace yourself for one amongstour hottest pornography parodies nonetheless.