Welcome and make yourself at home! Rachel Evans will demonstrate how well she can handle a massage while her body and soul is tingling. You know that the massage is just the beginning of the therapy. Rachel is most certainly happy to anticipate what's coming next for her. She is already nude, so now it's time to use everything that God has given her! The perfect figure, the fantastic boobs and the marvelous pussy!

"I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy your body." "What I liked about you was you had this natural looking figure. I enjoyed your breasts and you had breasts and you had amazing boobs and your thighs. I mean, when I was in my 20's, I liked your cleavage as well. And your ass was the best part of it. And you had such really amazing ass and I loved how beautiful it was, how you were so perfect. Now, you only have one nipple, you can pick one up and you can still do what you want if you like it. You can pick any part up and it'd never be too big or too strong or too narrow or too perfect for my size and your body, all of that. So you could come in the most amazing way you like, it's the same with your sexy body." "You didn't know that? You liked my body? And how much of a sensation does my body have?" "Don't you know something about that?" "Don't