Scotty, Scotty, Scotty… you’re beginning to break down, buddy. Your woman Jean has been obtaining a lot of and more powerful late and though you don’t need to admit it, it bothers the fuck out of you. You’re not yourself. You’re insecure, paranoid, and confused. however things are close to modification. Enter Emma Frost. currently there’s a woman which will get within your head- virtually.

In today’s medical aid session, she needs to assist you together with your problemsbeginning with Cyclops Junior’s performance issuesonce Emma enters your mind, everything changes. Her soothing voice, tight body, and attractive demeanour causes you to feel yourself once more. By the time you’ve got your dick in Emma’s mouth, you’re rock laborious, and once you’re finally cumming everywhere those Brobdingnagian tits, you can’t even bear in mind what your drawback was within the 1st place.