You’re exhaustedper annum it is the same. You deliver presents everywhere the globesaddle horse gets tineayou’ve got to dodge fashionable anti-aircraft missile systems, and every one you get to eat is fucking milk and cookies. This year’s completely different tho’. Mrs. Claus, AKA Alina Lopez, has organized for somebody to hide your shift, thus you’ll be able to simply relax for the night.

It does not stop there tho’, she’s conjointly invited the most well liked of all Christmas elves, Gianna Christian Dior to affix you in your chambers tonightprepare Santa, these 2 perky-breasted, orally-fixated dime items are visiting show you the which means of relaxation. And in true Christmas spirit, they will fuck and suck you till they are smart and prepared to share your humor. Merry Christmas!