Long before Beatrice vowed her revenge on Bill, she helped him train new assassins. In this chapter, Beatrice introduces the cute and innocent looking Gogo Yubari, who fights her way through the trials and enters the team with the infamous but traditional three-way initiation.

Jessa Rhodes was born and home schooled in rural Oregon as the youngest of seven kids. She started taking dance lessons at the age of 17 and began webcamming as soon as she hit legal age. It didn’t take long before a talent scout from Miami took notice. Blessed with perfect medium-sized breasts and juicy dick sucking lips she left for L.A. determined to make it big in the porn world. The move to the City of Angels turned out to be a bit of a culture shock for this simple blonde country girl. Jessa had lost her virginity at age fifteen and got into her “High School Party Phase” after her 16th birthday. Almost all of the guys that she fucked were just drunken flings, and by the time Jessa was 17 she’d already had sex with 20 guys. The stage name Jessa was chosen by her first agent, who told her she resembled July 2011 Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton. “I was never worried about my dad finding out,” Jessa told us in her VRCX casting interview, “my father will turn off a Victoria’s Secrets commercial out of respect to my mother. The part I was worried about were my brothers.” In 2013, Jessa appeared alongside pornstars Lisa Ann and Tera Patrick in the music video “Dead Bite,” a turning point for Rhodes who started to develop a taste for acting and cosplaying. Since then, she has gone on to shoot over 200 videos and worked her way onto the cover of Hustler magazine. In 2017 Jessa was nominated for AVNs “Most Epic Ass” award. Rhodes was placed on CNBC’s list of “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars”. In the summer of 2016, she was contacted by Hustler once again and got featured on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Jessa hasn’t touched a video game since the original Donkey Kong, but she’s a movie buff and lists Talladega Nights and Sons of Anarchy as two of her favorite shows. While she prefers watching ripped tough guys on the big screen, she’s always been a huge fan of Tarantino’s sword wielding femme fatale in Kill Bill. Once again we’d found the right lady for our latest VR porn parody.

This stunning Japanese knockout is already one of the biggest Asian porn stars in the US. Marica’s probably best known for her extremely hardcore content, but also for her slender petite body, delicate features and a firm pair of perky 32C tits. In short, she looks like a horny Hentai artist’s testosterone fuelled fantasy. A sexy Anime babe incarnated as a flesh and blood pornstar. Marica started working as a mainstream actress in Japan right after high school. Her first contact with the adult entertainment industry happened at age 24 when she auditioned for the production company SOD. Marica quickly rose to fame as a porn performer back in Tokyo mostly due to her wild kinks which include double anal, triple penetration, bukkake cum guzzling, watersports, and a few other activities that would be forbidden under American obscenity laws. Marica moved to the USA in 2012 and quickly became a sought-after pornstar. In January 2013, she became the first Japanese woman to be featured as Penthouse Pet of the Month. Marica had to adapt the fragile, cute and helpless demeanor which is popular in her home country to a more confident and aggressive approach common in US productions. Hase remains a girly girl in her private life. She likes things that are sweet and pretty, but once the cameras roll all the shyness goes out the window. Professionally Marica enjoys bondage shoots and wax play; she deepthroats like a champ and loves getting choked by her hunky co-stars. Marica is a masochist, and all of her ex-boyfriends have reportedly been leaning more to the sadistic end of the spectrum. She’s still struggling with her heavily accented English, but she knows how to put her mouth to good use despite the language barrier. Unsurprisingly Marica told us that her lips were her best feature and after seeing them in action on set, we strongly agree. Marica is an accomplished writer and has even received literary awards. She updates her blog and social media regularly. You’ll be able to enjoy both without speaking a single word of Japanese assuming you’re there for the pics and videos